Cine Production

Cine Production

Huynh Dong as Nguyen Vu
Midu as Hoa Xuan
Vân Trang as Tuyên Từ Thái Hậu
Khuong Ngoc as Tran Quan
Kim Hien plays Hoa Ha
Minh Thuận plays Master
Mai The Hiep as Le Dai Nhan
Le Van Anh as the Royal Family
Ba Cuong plays Vuong Thien
Le Dung Nhi as Nguyen Trai
Nguyen Van Anh as Nguyen Thi Lo
Le Ngoc Han as Le Thai Tong
Phung Quang Tung as Le Nhan Tong
Phi Thanh Vân as the Girl on the floor
Tuan Binh as a young Nguyen Vu
Phung Hoa Hoai Linh as a child Hoa Xuan
Le Ngoc Huynh as Old Man Crazy
Mai Anh plays Crazy Girl
Hoang Van Huy as Cha Hoa Ha
Pham Minh Nguyet as Mother Hoa Ha
The Hung plays Cha Nguyen Vu
Thu Hằng as Mother Nguyễn Vũ
Ngoc Than plays Nhat Nam
Nguyen Manh Quang as Dinh Phuc
Hoang Van Thanh as Dinh Thang
Manh Sinh plays the abbot
Thanh Tung plays the young monk
Le Van Hoc plays a rich physician
Ly Thanh Kha as the poor physician
Nguyễn Châu plays the owner of a shop
Mr. Duy plays the baby
After the Le Chi member tragedy, Nguyen Trai family only a few lucky people survived. Among them was an 8-year-old child, a grandson (son according to history) Nguyen Trai, who was taken away by a servant to avoid the pursuit of the Tuyen Tu Dowager Party. 12 years later, the child of the past was fortunate to escape death, now a young 20-year-old, robust and skilled martial artist named Tran Nguyen Vu (Nguyen Anh Vu according to history). After being blessed by the teacher, Nguyen Vu began an exciting adventure deep into the court with the determination to take revenge on those who harmed his family and vindicated the clan.

The more deeply he entered the bureaucracy, Nguyen Vu became more and more aware of the secrets, the attempted to compete for power among the forces and factions in the court. However, the sides are wary of each other because of rumors about the existence of a blood letter that tells the truth behind the Le Chi Vien case.

In that hostile space, Nguyen Vu meets Hoa Xuan, a beautiful female half who has the same hatred and intimacy with her. Destiny brought them together on the path of finding the blood letter. Together they went through many dangerous plots of factions, massacres, fierce confrontations between assassins and guests.

General Tran led a group of soldiers to the residence of Hoa Xuan and Hoa Ha to pursue the two girls. Nguyen Vu came to help Hoa Xuan escape, while Hoa Ha stayed in the way of Tran Shogun and was killed by him. After seeing his sister was killed, Hoa Xuan became more hatred and revenge impatient, but Yuan Yu convinced her to follow him to find the blood letter.

Nguyen Vu and Hoa Xuan saw all the people in a village massacred. They both went to a mountain temple and also saw the monks killed. The perpetrator was Tran Shogun, who stole a blood letter and was returning to his private home. General Le went to Tran Quan to ask for the blood letter. Then, Lord Le was blocked by Nguyen Vu and killed him. Nguyen Vu and Hoa Xuan got the blood letter and got on their horse to run. Both visited the physician's house for help, because Nguyen Vu was injured. When Nguyen Vu got well, he immediately gave a blood letter to the Royal Family.

Nguyen Vu saw a certain masked man entering the royal palace. When he followed, he realized that it was Tran Shogun. In the arsenal of weapons, Trần Shogun and Vương joined in a discussion. The royal family revealed that he would cause many murders and use the blood to steal the Empress Dowager. Yuan Yu immediately stormed to reclaim the blood letter, and then fought with the General Tran.

Hoa Xuan wielded a sword to threaten the royal family to retrieve the blood letter, but the royal family stabbed a knife into her stomach, causing her to collapse. Nguyen Vu cannot defeat Tran General because he is too strong. In the end, Nguyen Vu created a huge attack to punch Tran General into the wall, the weapons followed him to death. Yuan Yu also used a spear to kill the royal family.

The next morning, Nguyen Vu brought the blood letter to the court and handed it to the Queen Mother. He hoped the Empress Dowager had a blood letter in her hand would no longer cause a crime. When the Empress Dowager asked Nguyen Vu, he revealed that he was from the Nguyen Trai clan. Afterwards Nguyen Vu returned to the temple in the past, he and Hoa Xuan lived happily together.

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